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Our Services

What we offer:

  • Consultation on the players’ casino game to help them receive the best odds on winning.
  • Consultation on how to receive more comps for your play at your game.
  • As licensed gaming agents, we handle any gaming related issues with the casinos directly, acting as the liaison between the casino and the player.
  • We offer private jet charters to casino destinations both domestic and international. Contracted with casino resorts around the world, we offer our members unique and exotic casino travel to the casino of their choice.
  • As licensed agents, we can transfer your casino play history with us to a new casino destination at the same comp level even on the first visit. (Free to qualified players)

We make all casino arrangements for our members:

  • Get you the best rooms at the best rates (Free to qualified players) As an Agent, we have our own block of rooms at each casino for our members so that we have rooms available when the casino is sold out.)
  • Book ground transportation (Free to qualified players)
  • Dinner, show and tournament reservations (Free to qualified players) We have show tickets available for members when shows are “sold out”.
  • Provide private charters for members to exotic and unique casino properties around the world. (Free to qualified players)
  • Provide members with a detail list of upcoming events and tournaments.

All of this and much, much more! Our services are ABSOLUTELY FREE for qualified players.


We are licensed with the gaming commissions throughout the U.S. and internationally. Gaming agents are contracted with casinos around the world to ensure the player is receiving fair and accurate gaming at each casino property visited. A Gaming Agent is the only person who can transfer your gaming history to different casino properties that are owned and operated by different corporations. This gives the player a comp level at a new casino property based on comp level and play history through the agent. Gaming Agents work directly with the gaming issues. We provide personal review of play history on each casino visit and as a Gaming Agent, can correct any discrepancies in play history or charges to a players account. We can negotiate comps, honor any special offer the casino sends you direct, and make sure you are getting the service and ratings your play warrants. ONLY a licensed Gaming Agent can offer these services.

We work for you, not the casino!

We want to be your personal gaming agent..

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